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Get Moving to Stay Healthy

Sitting throughout the day is unavoidable for most of the working world; however, there are ways to combat the negative toll that extended periods of sitting can have on the body. "The Newest Public-Health Epidemic: Sitting Too Much, Moving Too Little" from Dynamic Chiropractic is a follow up to a previous column "Sit or Stand? Strategies to Improve Workplace Health and Reduce Disease," (Oct. 1 DC).

These articles are just a few of the many recent stories to appear on this subject. Even the American Medical Association recognizes that prolonged periods of sitting are not good for your health.

A July 15 Dynamic Chiropractic article takes the notion of prolonged sitting as bad for your health to another level: "Sitting Is the New Smoking." In the article, Dr. Jeffrey Tucker looks at the issue of prolonged sitting from the perspective of the "core," which provides the force to stabilize and move the body, as a vital part of the equation.

It stands to reason that prolonged sitting weakens the core muscles, leading to back pain; not only that, prolonged sitting contributes to stress on the intervertebral discs in the lower back.

These articles offer a few tips for minimizing the negative effects of prolonged sitting that I hope you'll employ throughout your work day.


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