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Stand, Don't Sit

As if on queue, The Washington Post has published the perfect follow up to my recent blog post "Get Moving to Stay Healthy." In their article, "The Health Hazards of Sitting," WP authors Bonnie Berkowitz and Patterson Clark highlight the ways prolonged sitting affects our organs, muscles, brain, neck, back and legs and increases our overall mortality.

In brief, here are the ways too much sitting is affecting you.

Organ Damage

  • Heart disease

  • Over productive pancreas

  • Colon cancer

Muscle Degeneration

  • Soft, flabby abs

  • Tight hip flexors

  • Weak glutes

Leg Problems

  • Poor circulation

  • Low bone density

Trouble Up Top

  • Brain fog

  • Improper cervical vertebrae alignment

  • Sore shoulders and back

Bad Back

  • Hardened collagen around compressed discs

  • Greater risk for herniated lumbar disks

Because sitting is unavoidable, resolve to do it the right way when you must.

Proper Sitting Form:

  • No leaning forward

  • Relax your shoulders

  • Keep your arms close to your sides

  • Keep elbows bent 90°

  • Provide lower back support

  • Make sure your feet are flat on the floor (no crossing your feet or legs!)

You can print a downloadable PDF of the article infographic to help remind you how to sit properly.


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